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Welcome to Jacent Coaching, where we believe that your light can change the world. Life's journey is full of twists and turns, but within you lies an infinite reservoir of potential waiting to be unleashed.

Feeling a bit stuck? Wrestling with self-doubt? Or maybe you're just itching for a change? Whatever it is, together,  we'll boost your self-confidence, tackle those hurdles, and reignite your inner fire to empower you to walk boldly towards your dreams.

So, dust off those dreams and let's set them aglow. The world eagerly awaits your radiant light, and together, we'll ensure it shines brightly.

Ignite Your Inner Light,
Empower Your Journey

Self-Guided Workbook
Illuminate Your Path:
Discover Your Purpose

Whether you're seeking purpose in your career, family life, community, or hobbies, this comprehensive 50-page PDF guide assists you in exploring and gaining insight into your purpose and taking action towards living it.


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A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Carla McKinley...

I believe we all have a unique light within us, waiting to shine brightly and be shared with the world. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance and support to ignite that spark. If you've found your way here, it means you're ready to take action and step into a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Together, we will embark on your unique voyage, helping you gain confidence and the unwavering belief in your own abilities.

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Why Hire a Life Coach?

People hire life coaches for various reasons! Whether it's navigating a career change, finding clarity in personal goals, or simply seeking support and motivation, a life coach can offer personalized guidance to help you unlock your full potential and navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and clarity. A life coach provides a supportive space to explore...


Taking the Journey - Together

Ready to ignite your inner fire and blaze a trail of self-discovery and growth? Let's dive into this adventure together, charting a course towards clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

Together, we'll unlock that untapped potential within you, crafting a life that not only feels right for you but also lights up the world around you. Ready to get started?

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Jacent Coaching offers a variety of coaching & mentoring programs outlined below to suit your individual needs

Light the Way: Customized Coaching Experience

At Jacent Coaching, we provide customized coaching tailored to your unique needs and ambitions. Our client-centered approach ensures that each coaching session is led by you and centered around your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations. Whether you're aiming to foster personal growth, overcome personal obstacles, or shift your mindset our sessions are designed to meet you exactly where you are and guide you toward your desired outcomes. By focusing on your individual goals, we guarantee that every session is both relevant and impactful, empowering you to unlock your full potential and illuminate your path to success.

Looking for Coaching Tailored Specifically to You?

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Carla McKinley, Jacent Personal Empowerment Life Coaching is here to help you improve your self-confidence, overcome obstacles, and ignite your deepest passions. Miami/ South Florida/ United States

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